Being a celebrity these days means you have to eventually give back to the community. That’s what Russell Howard did when he visited a 14-year-old boy dying of cancer, after his parents sent the comedian an email. When the 37-year-old arrived, he found Deryn had a list of his favourite Russell Howard jokes. But his number one favourite sketch was called ‘Mr Dildo’, which involved him getting into a six-foot high penis costume chasing after old ladies and other antics.

But on Howard’s fifth visit to the teenager, he was asked if he could come to the teen’s funeral. While the comedian was a bit taken aback by the request, Deryn told him that it was going to be fancy dress. If that wasn’t enough banter for the funeral, the teen had organised the costumes for different people who were coming.

Howard told the story during one of his performances, saying that Deryn had organised for his dad to come dressed as the grim reaper, and would have to point his scythe if anyone coughed during the funeral. Howard put his foot in it though, when he asked Deryn what he would like him to come dressed as. He told the crowd, Deryn looked at him square in the eyes and said: “I think you know.” But the TV presenter’s story had a twist to it. Check it out!